Saturday, March 16, 2013

2013 Taste of Hope

Tribeca- This year I'm only hosting one table of wine for "Taste of Hope" an annual event with the leaders of the Radio and Record raising money through a wine and charity auction for for City of Hope. And even though it will be cold, I'm looking forward to winter visit to New York City.

Here's the tentative list of wine for 2013: we'll pair up some of last year's favorites with some new challengers. (winners bold)
  • Champagne Toast (TBD)
  • Chardonnay: 2009 Lewis/Sonoma County - Russian River Valley vs. 2007 Chasseur/Sonoma Valley "Durrell" Chasseur stole the show - nice balance while the Lewis had more butter. 
  • Pinot Noir: 2007 Chasseur/Sonoma Coast vs. 2007 MacPhail/Sonoma Coast "Pratt Vineyard" Toss up these wines were so similar and amazing.
  • Cab Franc: 2007 Provenance/Napa vs. 2006 Jarvis/Napa Estate Cabernet Franc. Provenance was a table favorite!
2000's Cabernet Sauvignon:
  • 2000    Joseph Phelps Insignia & Silver Oak both were huge.
  • 2001    Whitehall Lane/Napa Valley
  • 2002    Robert Mondavi Reserve/Napa
  • 2003    Jarvis Estate Reserve/Napa really enjoyed this one - smooth.
  • 2004    Robert Mondavi/Stag's Leap District - 95pts
  • 2005    Flora Springs/Napa "Holy Smoke" Vineyard
  • 2006    Chappellet/Napa Pritchard Hill Estate Vineyard - this opened up and was killer!
  • 2007    Ladera/Napa Lone Canyon Vineyard - very nice
  • 2008    Ramey/Oakville Pedregal Vineyard
  • 2009    Melka/Napa "CJ" - early fave
  • 2010    Caymus Special Select - totally changed from espresso to smooth.
Table faves from the Cabs were Caymus, Melka, Chappellett, Jarvis and was hard to choose, there were no bad bottles at the table.

Here some of this year's favorites - can't wait until next year - Brian





Saturday, March 02, 2013

Tips on Wine Tasting

Here's how to avoid the common faux pas that both amuse and annoy the people who have to pour at the winery...and I'm guilty of a few of these myself.

Tips are from this month's Franciscan news letter with my added commentary.

*Don't Smoke - why dull your taste buds? Save the cuban for later.

*Take it easy on the perfume or cologne guys. I like to smell the wine in the glass not you! And watch out for scented lipstick or lipbalm - or that is all you will smell on your Reidel. (rhymes with needle)

*Don't hog the table Bob! Sure we all want to learn - ask a question as you make room for someone else to get their glass filled. Dude You Fascinate Me - Move aside, move aside...we all hate the big guy who camps out at the table.

*Don't ask a question you already know the answer too...just to impress your friends!
Guilty as charged...but I normally do this to test the knowledge of the pourer. Most of the time it just pisses off the host and does not impress your friends.

*Don't name drop (no explanations needed)

*Don't rinse your glass with the nastly chlorinated water in the jug. Sometimes I've had the pourer do this - yikes. Your glass does not need rinsing between tastes, all your doing is diluting the next wine. Still compelled to so with the next wine!

*Don't lift your glass up suddenly when the wine is being poured. Now you know how the big puddles of red wine on the tablecloth get there. Put your glass on the table for an easy target.

*Don't be afraid to ask for more of something you really liked, but don't be a hog.

*Don't get drunk - oops. It would be a shame if don't remember the wines or all of your new friends that you think you've impressed by asking questions you already know the answers to!