Sunday, June 08, 2008

Stratus - Niagara Falls VQA

Stratus Winery has one of the best looking tasting rooms you'll see. And the wine was up to par with the new construction.

The have a nice white blend and ice wine too, but I was impressed with "Red" a blend of the 5 noble Bordeaux grapes and a little Syrah which creates a fantastic finish. And this helps take a way that thin taste in most red wines outside of Napa.

"Pretty Good Wine - Eh?"

They also make an impressive Cabernet Franc which flourishes in this region. And make sure you try their ice wine to harvest the temps have to be -7 to -10 for consecutive day, by the way that's Celsius.

And Stratus is the 1st "Leed" certified winery in the world making them eco friendly - more information at


note: VQA stands for Vintners Quality Alliance Ontario - Setting the standard for Ontario's premium wines.